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Let’s Start with a small story……..

Once upon a time we used slide rules and lots of paper to crunch numbers, people did this. Then along came the Automatic Data Processing Division and it was magic. All kinds of weird looking people were poking around inside what appeared to be large machines with many wires, lights and whirring parts … something like this…

This was called Automatic Data Processing because that is what it did, process data. Very rapidly the data became more complex, not just numbers in mathematical formulas, but names, addresses, phone numbers, product names, categories etc etc and the Computer guys had a big problem. But then ……

Along came Mr Codd, Edgar F Codd actually, who invented the RDBMS. If your interested, you can find out more about Codd here 

“The Key, The Whole Key, and nothing but the Key, so help me Codd”

What is the RDBMS? It’s is quite a mouthful isn’t it? The Relational Data Base Management System of course… See, Codd worked out that name and address and phone number and Date of Birth are “related” to each other, so if we join these things together in a row then we get all of this data when we want information about the person, and then if we put all the Rows in a Table, we have a way of managing this data for all people.

Hmm where did the “Base” part come into it? I don’t know actually – can anyone help here ??? I am guessing the Base Part is because there is the Base “Data” but out of this we can create something far more interesting when we have related data called; (drum roll) => Information.

So in the beginning there was  number crunching, then on the first day there was Data Automation and a few days later we miraculously arrived at the Information Age and  created Information Technology and Systems …   That’s what we do !!

What We Do

Custom Web Applications

We specialise in developing custom/bespoke applications to meet real business needs.

Website Hosting

Anypoint offers a wide range of hosting solutions which supports all major website content management systems.

Website Design and Development

From a basic static website to promote your business through to a fully integrated e-commerce

Integrated Communications

From the phone call to the General Ledger

Enterprise Accountng System

We have developed a core Enterprise Accounting system that manages Creditors, Debtors, Assets, Payroll, Sales and Invoicing, and General Ledger that could be leveraged to improve efficiencies within your business.

We Create Fully Integrated Software, So You Can Focus On Your Business

Creating information system is our playground, we believe that a well designed and architected solution will not only amaze you, but will be simple to use, robust and evolve with your business.

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Our Design Process

To make sure we meet our clients requirments, we follow a five steps design process.






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